Thursday, July 16, 2009

You;ve been Elfed a tradition to start with your neighboorhood

My kids and I have never done the you've been booed or the you've been elf tradtion but I think we are in a good neighboorhood this year where we can start it. Here are some You've been elf poems I have found on the web.

Santa’s little helper has come to town,
To leave these goodies you have found.
If you wish to have the best season of all
You must help this "Elf" with his call.

First, post this Elf where it can be seen
And leave it there till Christmas Eve.
Then other visiting Elves will pass on their way.
Be sure to participate, it will bring joy to your day.

Second, make two treats,
Two Elves, and
Two notes like this.

Just one day, is all you’ve got
So go ahead and give it a shot.

Leave the treats where they Elf has not gone
By the light of the moon, deliver to their home.

Hide behind a bush, a car even a tree
The surprise & joy on their face you are sure to see.

Now you've been blessed with yuletide cheer.
You’ll feel it throughout the New Year.

Alas another Christmas Tradition is sure to have begun.
Thanks for sharing in this Christmas fun.

And last but not least, enjoy the season.
For all of the right reasons.

Happy Holidays!

~Cindy P., Sun Prairie, WI

You've Been Claused

Place this poem with treats in a basket

A quick and clever neighbor thought you needed some cheer.
So they've dropped off this basket of treats, rang your doorbell and flew like Santa's reindeer. Please place this jolly old elf on your front door for all to spy, that you have "just been claused" by this merry little guy. Then fix a few goodies in the basket given to you, ring someone's bell, leave the basket and make them cheerful too!!

A Jingling Poem
By Host Bee
A Jingling Poem!

Christmastime is drawing near,

So here’s a fun way to share some cheer!

“You’ve Been Jingled” is the latest sensation

To get a merry start on your holiday celebration!

Choose two families to receive some joy,

Make each a gift of little treats or toys!

The “jingling” will spread from home to home

As each family passes on this jingling poem!

What to Do:

Now that you’ve been jingled, enjoy your treat!
Hang your “I’ve Been Jingled” sign on a door or window where it can be seen!
In the next few days, make two copies of this page with the poem and instructions, create two “I’ve Been Jingled” signs, and assemble two treat bags.
Secretly deliver your treats, to two families who have not yet been “jingled,” then watch to see how far this festive, new tradition travels in your town!